Today's Emerging Healthcare Leaders - Who Are They and How to Attract Them to Your Organization

Why You Need to Know Today's Emerging Healthcare Leaders

It is paramount for the healthcare industry's tenured leaders and executives to recognize and understand today’s emerging healthcare leaders. Attracting, retaining, and fostering growth for emerging leaders within your organization can help position you for long-term success in the healthcare industry, as it evolves and grows with the next generation of professionals and executives.

“Emerging leaders help facilitate change management, innovation and technology, and ensure greater diversity and inclusion throughout your healthcare organization,” states Angela Henry, FACHE, Vice President of Business Development for M3 Executive Search.

Ms. Henry adds that as patient and student diversity grows, so must diversity in healthcare leadership, including women and people of color. Minorities of all demographics are increasingly joining the healthcare workforce as physicians and clinical leaders, as well as business leaders.

Additionally, emerging healthcare leaders can help facilitate mergers and acquisitions and other business growth initiatives, as many are highly educated in business and population health, via MBA, MPH, and MHA degree programs. Furthermore, today's ermerging healthcare leaders are often particularly immersed and savvy with relevant technology such as EHRs and telehealth, which can help your organization to remain on the forefront of healthcare innovation.

What Emerging Leaders Want

Ms. Henry breaks down the most prevalent needs of emerging leaders into three general categories:

  • Purposeful Impact
  • Continued Growth
  • Value

“Today’s emerging healthcare leaders want to make a positive impact on patients, families, and their communities,” she states. “Additionally, emerging leaders desire continued personal and professional growth, through activities such as mentoring and networking. Lastly, they want to give and receive value in their professional interactions and engagement,” Henry concludes.

How to Attract Emerging Leaders to Your Organization

Henry recommends a multi-faceted approach to most effectively bring emerging leaders into your healthcare organization.  

“Believe it or not, a successful search ultimately begins with an updated and well-defined job description,” Henry advises. “It seems like a simple, easy step, but is often overlooked by the hiring committee,” she says. “The job description sets the tone and direction of the search, especially for leadership roles – therefore, if the job description is outdated or unclear, the search is less likely to end successfully with the right hire.”

Additionally, Henry recommends a strategic, customized targeted recruiting process that includes marketing and advertising, networking and referrals, and search firm assistance as needed.

“Our process such is specifically designed for the unique needs of healthcare and academic clients who are recruiting healthcare leaders, including physician and nurse executives. We created this company and built our recruiting team to serve this niche most effectively and to achieve the best results in healthcare executive recruiting,” she concludes.


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