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Our search process at M3 Executive Search is detailed, thorough, and provides clients with "best practice" deliverables for each and every assignment. Our executive search consultants conduct thorough intake profiles at the outset of each search to confirm all key details and requirements of the search. We then use our exhaustive resources to conduct our national searches, sourcing the most qualified candidates in order to present a diverse, complete slate of candidates. For more detailed information regarding each step, see below:

Normally completed with an onsite visit over 1-2 days, our seasoned executive recruiters will meet with all stakeholders for each executive search assignment. Our team is able to gather critical information during these meetings, gaining a complete 360 degree understanding of the search, the institution's culture, and what the profile of candidates should be for the position. Our team then shares market data to ensure our clients are armed with accurate, up to date information as the search is launched.

With the information gathered and discussed at the initial evaluation and profile, our executive recruiters will work with our marketing team to create a comprehensive, customized marketing strategy to reach the appropriate pool of candidates efficiently and effectively. This will include a multi-faceted approach across multiple marketing and media channels for optimum reach. As a subsidiary of M3 USA, Inc., M3 Executive Search has extensive access to national databases, and our talented research group is able to parse candidate pools down to the most qualified candidates for each search.

Our team will begin targeted outreach, phone interviews, and qualification of applicable candidates to identify those healthcare executives who are the best fit for the search assignment. Once we've confirmed their interest and "fit", we will present all the candidate's information and qualifications to you in an organized, efficient dossier. Our proprietary online client portal allows 24/7 access to the developing slate of candidates, and our detailed online reports allows our clients to view detailed statistics regarding each search.

We will help you to coordinate and execute a thorough and effective interview of each candidate, including planning and preparation of the itinerary for the physician and your selection committee. Your dedicated M3 Executive recruiting consultants provide concierge like service, assisting with each and every detail of the interview process for you along the way. We will help facilitate communication with candidates to answer questions and concerns, ensuring success with each and every video or onsite interview.

Once you determine which candidate to hire, we can assist you in the offer process to help maintain momentum and advance the search forward until the selected candidate has been secured. Each of our executive recruiters has years of experience negotiating and addressing issues during the closing process. After a candidate is closed and the search completed, we then set up a regular communication pattern with each candidate/client to make sure the relocation and onboarding process is as smooth as possible.

M3 Executive Search is firmly dedicated to providing a diverse slate of candidates for our clients to consider, and our team tracks and can provide all diversity statistics for each executive search assignment. Our Diversity Program includes a targeted sourcing strategy designed to ensure that a diverse pool of candidates is reached with each opportunity we represent. We follow all diversity guidelines specific to our clients and are dedicated to helping our acute care and academic clients attract quality leadership candidates from all backgrounds. We ensure every effort is made to provide our clients with candidates possessing a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, and we source candidates without regard for race, religions, gender, sexual orientation, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

If public health guidelines prevent on-site meetings, these will be conducted virtually.

Consistent Communication and Deliverables

Example of EPiC report

Communication is paramount to any project's success and it's especially critical for optimum results in healthcare executive search. Our exceptional communication tools will keep you informed every step of the way to facilitate collaboration and any needed course correction or updates to the plan in place. Your dedicated recruiting consultant will be easily accessible to you, and our client portal and EPiC reports provide a real-time snapshot of your search status any time you need it.

Contact us to learn more about EPiC and Progress reports.

Our Process

Our defined, proven executive healthcare search process leverages our recruiting talent and experience, combined with our unrivaled resources and access to healthcare leaders. Unlike other executive search firms, our search process is customized for the unique needs of your organization. Each step of the recruiting process is thoughtfully and carefully executed with your consultant for optimum productivity, leading ultimately to the desired outcome: successful completion of your executive search.

We established M3 Executive Search to provide a unique approach designed around the particular challenges and nuances of executive search within the healthcare and academic verticals.